Vita Coco Swear by It Winners!



Over the past few weeks, our bloggers have been cooking up some amazing recipes with coconut oil as part of our #SwearByIt challenge in association with Vita Coco.

Today we’re thrilled to be announcing the winner and runners-up in our challenge. Our winner will receive a fab £500 voucher, while the five runners-up each receive £100.

Do check out the fab recipes below – you’re sure to get inspired to try some delicious coconut oil for yourself!



  1. Our first runner up comes from Resh Kitchen – the vegan banana and lemon bars use banana as a substitute for egg, and the shortbread base incorporates coconut oil for a yummy base.
  2. Next up are these rather tasty looking vegan chocolate truffles from Boho Mixology – check out her blog for the full recipe.
  3. Our third runner up is Sumac and Dutch, who came up with this fab recipe for Rhubarb Tart with creme anglaise.
  4. How about something just a little unexpected? Spiced Coconut Hot chocolate, courtesy of Beach Hut Cook. Delish!
  5. Vita Coco coconut oil isn’t just for desserts. Our final runner-up recipe is from Blue Bear Wood for these moreish sweet chilli coconut prawns.


Our overall winner is this incredible streetfood called Churumuri – using puffed rice, salad vegetables and coriander, drizzled with lemon juice. The Vita Coco coconut oil used in the recipe over at Sandhya Hariharan, is a perfect, matching the simple flavours that this street food needs.

Congratulations to our winner!



Many thanks to everyone who took part in the challenge – to see even more amazing coconut oil recipes, check out all the entries to our Vita Coco Swear by It challenge!

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