At Home With… Old Fashioned Susie


We’re kicking off our new home tour feature, in which one of our favourite HIBS100 bloggers takes us on a guided tour of their home, with the wonderful Manchester-based modern vintage living blogger, Old Fashioned Susie.

Emmylou @ Chiascuro

Susie, thanks so much for having us. It’s lovely to be in your gorgeous home, and I’m looking forward to seeing everything. Let the questioning commence:

Which is your favourite room?

The living room is my favourite, we’ve not done as much too it as some of the other rooms in the house. It’s more to do with the light that comes through into this space. I do most of my blogging in here and it’s where my dream corner sofa is and many of my plants.

Is this your first home?

No, this the second house with my husband. I’ve lived in many home over the years, including student digs, but this is our forever home. Despite all its weird and wonderful quirks we love it here. If we won the lottery we’d still live here, but maybe buy a holiday home by the sea too.

Which decorative scheme are you most proud of?

The dining room is probably the space that feels the most finished, along with our bathroom. I’m proud of things when they get finished! Many of the spaces in the house are works in progress.


What is next on your to-do list?

Our staircase is top of the list at the moment, but it will be sometime next year when funds allow us to sort it out. I also want to replace the fireplace with something more in keeping with the age of the house. I’d love a cast iron fireplace so I’ll be checking out local vintage spots and reclamation yards soon. We also want to create more usable space outside. We did have a lot of work done on the garden over the summer but it seems the workmen took the best weather of the summer with them, and we’ve not had a chance to get out there for a good chunk of time to do more. 

Thank you so much, Susie.
If you’d like to open your house up for one of our grand tours, let us know in the comments below or tweet us at @HIBS100.

Alice Cullerne Bown is a blogger, author, journalist and fanatical cushion-plumper. She spent much of her childhood creating room sets in shoe boxes and now attempts to style her real-life home, despite the best efforts of her husband, two children, two stepchildren and two cats. She is addicted to home makeover shows and likes to Hoover while watching Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners. She blogs at DD's Diary,, and you can catch her on Twitter at @DDsDiary

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