7 Christmas Crafts from the Bostik Bloggers


Every month we challenge our team of Bostik Bloggers to create something different using the best crafting materials from our sponsors Bostik. With the festive season upon us, of course this month we were asking for their best Christmas crafts.

In part one of our Christmas Crafts round up we’re sharing seven original ideas from decorations and gift wrap ideas, to the gifts themselves.

Christmas Snowglobe from Craftaholique

Christmas Snowglobe

First up is this fabulous Christmas Snowglobe from Hayley at Craftaholique. We love how you can put whatever you like in the globe and it’s a decoration that will last for years to come. You can find the full tutorial here.


DIY Reindeer Christmas Card Tutorial from Bugs and Fishes

DIY Reindeer Christmas Cards

These DIY Reindeer cards look so good they could have been bought in a shop – and would you believe they’re made using old envelopes! To get a downloadable template and see the full instructions see the full post here.


Mini Christmas gift bags craft from Jennifer's Little World

Mini Christmas Gift Bags

We all know how expensive gift bags can be but you can easily make your own with this tutorial from Jennifer’s Little World. You just need some off-cuts of wrapping paper, some ribbon and you’re away.

Christmas Cross Stitch Gift Tags from Craft with Cartwright

Christmas Cross Stitch Gift Tags

While we’re on the subject of wrapping, how cute are these cross stitch gift tags from Ruth at Craft With Cartwright? If you’re handy with a needle then this is a great Christmas craft – and we’re sure your loved ones would be delighted with these handmade gift tags on their presents this year. You can find full instructions here.


How to make colourful recycled gift bows from Craft Invaders

Colourful Recycled Gift Bows

We love these recycled gift bows from Craft Invaders – and they’re easier to make than they look! We’re all a bit more conscious about our impact on the environment this festive season and these are a great way to recycle while still giving your gifts the wow factor! There is a full tutorial here.


Geometric Leather Coasters gift from Sum of their Stories

Geometric Leather Coasters

From gift wrap to the gifts themselves – these geometric leather coasters from Sum of their Stories would make a lovely gift, and who would have thought they are made from an old sofa? You can find full instructions here.

Pretty Fabric Covered Flowerpots from Craft Invaders

Pretty Fabric Covered Flower Pots

Another great gift idea here – just pop a poinsettia in and these fabric covered flower pots would make a lovely Christmas gift. Check out the full tutorial on Craft Invaders here.


We hope you enjoyed this month’s Bostik Bloggers’ makes. We’ll be back soon with more crafty creations! In the meantime why not Pin this post for later?

Christmas Crafts from the Bostik Bloggers

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