Money Saving Tips For The School Holidays


Money Saving Tips For The School Holidays

The summer holidays are upon us and if you’ve got little ones to entertain it can get pretty expensive over the six-week break. The help combat this, we’ve got together some thrifty and money-saving ideas from our bloggers to help you in the quest of doing summer holidays on a budget.

Lucy at Momma Mack suggests taking a look at free events at local libraries. She says her local library does craft sessions, animal man and music classes. She’s also found they do free breakfast in the school holidays. She says they walk there, do the class, spend time reading the books and walk back. It’s a good afternoon taken up for free.

Money Saving Tips For The School Holidays

Erin from Yorkshire Tots recommends trying geocaching. It’s free, with no need to pay for the upgrade on the app and makes a trip to a park or a walk feel like a treasure hunt.

Emma over at The Mini Mes and Me says in the upcoming weeks put a little bit of money to one side and purchase cinema cards, theme park tickets etc to spread the cost in advance. She also adds if you book online ahead of time you can also get discounts.

Anklebiters Adventures’s Lianne suggests taking picnics / food everywhere you go. She says she finds the food overpriced when going for days out, so she suggests investing in a good backpack cool bag as they are easier to carry. Her top tip is that there are loads of good picnic food / snack bits in Poundland too.

Money Saving Tips For The School Holidays

Louise from A Strong Coffee To Go helpfully adds that people should look out for early morning deals. Often bowling and the cinema has deals for before 11am.

Entertaining Elliot’s Elaine suggests that families should get a national trust membership! It’s only around £10 a month for a family pass and you can really get your money’s worth. She adds if you take a picnic, it’s a very cheap day out!

Lucy from Lucy at Home says to theme your holiday and do a small activity each day that relates to it. Her kids are much happier to spend an afternoon colouring in or going birdwatching in the garden if it’s part of their themed week. She adds that it seems more exciting somehow.

Her top tip, if your budget will allow it, is to have one big trip a week that links with your theme. For example, pirates – go on a boat trip, or insects – visit the butterfly house. Here’s her suggestion of six weeks’ worth of themes and possible trips.

The Mum Diaries’s Jaymee also gives the thumbs up to country parks. She says they often meet with school friends and go for picnics. We then only pay for parking rather than entry fees to places.

Nikki from Family Travel with Ellie says to check your local radio station offers page, as they often have half price days out deals. She helpfully adds that you should check all of the local ones though, not just your closest as they often have the same deals and your closest might have sold out.

Polly from Our Seaside Baby suggesting taking a trip to London. The Science Museum, Natural History and British Museum are all free entry and make perfect days out with little ones. If travelling anywhere around the country by train you can save on many attractions in the form of ‘2 for 1’ prices or big discounts on other popular attractions/restaurants/theatres etc. She suggests looking at the Days Out Guide website.

Money Saving Tips For The School Holidays

Emma from Emma Reed says to purchase an annual pass for your nearest country park. She says it’s easy to spend lots of fun-filled days at them and you’ll get your money’s worth within around 10 visits which means after that they are technically free!

Everything Mummy’s Amy top tip is to get out early for free parking. She says they live by the beach all the free parking spaces are gone by 9am. She also keeps a bag of bits in the boot – spare sun cream, picnic blanket, bucket and spade etc, so she doesn’t get caught short if I have forgotten anything

Jacqui over at Mummy’s Little Monkey suggests taking a den kit (or a rope, a picnic blanket and a tarpaulin) into your local woods and make yourself a den. Take a set of treasure hunt cards with you and take turns finding the items (something green, something huge, something tiny, something yellow, etc…). She adds when you’ve worked up an appetite, break out the juice, sandwiches and biccies. You can have an entire day out for under a tenner!

Karen at Cycle Sprog adds that riding bikes is a great way to keep kids occupied, outdoors and active during the school holidays. She says if you’re able to incorporate cycling into your everyday activities you will save money on petrol and parking.

Kate at Refined Prose suggests checking out garden centres. They often to have bits for children but tend not to be people’s first thought – so they’re usually not too packed out. This is the main reason why she loves in them during holidays!

So here are plenty of ideas to keep you and your little ones entertained over the school holidays and all within a budget. Have you got any other tips that you might add to this list? Add them in the comments below.

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