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If you want to make it as a lifestyle influencer in 2020, then your Instagram game had better be top notch!

With that in mind, today we are sharing some of our favourite video and photo editing apps for lifestyle influencers. Because we don’t all have a professional photographer, glam squad and editing team tucked away in the spare bedroom.

If you are taking your own images, we present a selection of must-try apps to up your Insta-game! For tips on writing captions to go with your images, don’t miss these tips!

These apps are all ones that I use regularly for my own content, but I’m always looking for new and better apps, so let me know if you use something great!

Color Story

Comes with filters, some free, some premium. You can add bokeh and light flares. also slightly more advanced editing tools to adjust temperature, tint and more. Color Story is a great, quick tool for editing short video clips and creating “square” videos from footage shot on your phone or a big camera.


Do you often create recipes or step-by-step videos? If so then you need Jumprope! So let’s say you’ve filmed a video of a craft project. JumpRope lets you use simple templates to split your video into IG Story video screens, each with a numbered instruction caption. You can trim clips, add music and even adjust the speed.


It’s an old classic in the app game now, but we still think VSCO is a good option for lifestyle influencers. This app comes with lots of filters and paid-for filter packs. The filters in VSCO are very subtle, and can be combined to create your own pre-set. We like that you can preview how an image will look in your grid before posting – essential if you’re trying to maintain a certain aesthetic on your grid.


This image fakes a soft background that would normally be achieved using a 50mm lens on your big camera. Using AfterFocus you can choose part of an image to be in focus, while taking the background out of focus. This is ideal if you want to gently blur other people or “busy” parts of a photo. Available for iOS and Android.


It’s a very popular app, but Unfold is great for prettying up your Instagram Stories. There are a range of free templates and packages that you can buy from 99p. Make your Stories look pretty with frames, templates, collage designs, new fonts and custom. Just keep an eye open because effects like these can start to look played out and overused quite quickly.


This app is genius if you want to share video content across multiple social platforms. You can upload video from your camera roll and do basic edits like trim and cut clips. Add music from the in-app library along with text and graphics. Once done it’s just done. Boom! It only takes a single click in InShot to crop your video into different ratios for IGTV, IG Stories, Facebook, Instagram and more.


Ever take a lovely beach photo only to notice – just slightly too late – that there’s an errant bucket in the shot, or a piece of litter? Or how about that perfect pool selfie that’s ruined by that one dude hanging out in the background.

Retouch is a great little app that makes it very easy to remove small items from an image, and it takes just seconds. I use this app at least once a week, and it’s invaluable.


For editing photos, Lightroom is generally my favourite photo editing app. Where apps like VSCO are great at giving you a preset look, Lightroom lets you fix all manner of issues with photos (and you can add presets, if that’s your bag).

For me, the most useful features of Lightroom on iOS are: selective editing (amazing for lightening the subject of a photo without blowing out the sky), colour management (make your blues more blue, or boost all the warm shades for a perfect autumn feel) and quick and easy white balance.


What apps do you love to use to edit your blog and Instagram photos? Let us know in the comments! 



Sally is a journalist and editor based in Lytham, Lancashire. When she isn't blogging at Who's the Mummy, she is generally spending time with her 10-year-old daughter, Flea, or her abominably behaved puppy, Teddy.

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