12 Ethical and Eco Influencers to watch in 2020


top uk ethical eco influencers

Today we are sharing some of our favourite eco and ethical/green influencers to follow in 2020.

As a society, we are becoming increasingly aware of what we consume, and the cost of over-consumption. Repeated ‘hauls’ of fast fashion are going out of style, replaced by influencers sharing inspiring information on how we can become more sustainable and mindful in our homes and lifestyles.

Below you’ll find 12 amazing UK influencers who focus on green issues, sustainable living and mindful consumption. We hope you’ll find some new names to follow – and if you have your own favourite green/eco influencers then please do let us know in the comments!

Top UK Eco/Ethical Influencers

Eco Granny 

Rose Rush is a grandmother focuses on learning to live plastic and waste free. Follow for attainable tips on adding more sustainability to family life, with a particular focus on fresh food, gardens and encouraging more natural life into your outdoor space.

Pic: Ecogran

No More Plastic Fantastic 

Anna Lund is one of the UK’s leading eco and ethical influencers, with a hugely successful Instagram page . Anna is an ambassador for Keep Britain Tidy, and describes herself as an eco-warrior. Follow for tips on reducing plastic consumption, with ideas for plastic free options for a range of household products, from toothpaste to coffee.

Blue Ollis 

Blue describes herself as a vegan, low-waste and self-love advocate. Her Instagram page is packed with positive, mindful images and inspiration for beautiful and mindful lifestyle. You can follow Blue Ollis on YouTube where she has over 70,000 subscribers or on Instagram and via her Tribe Facebook group.

UK eco influencers
Pic: Blue Ollis


Besma is a UK-based blogger and at the heart of the growing ethical influencers community. She is an Instagram influencer who has a passion for sustainable fashion, with regular inspiration on home, food, fashion and travel. She hosts a virtual clothes swap Instagram page (haulternativecloset) and blogs at curiouslyconscious.com

Eco Life Choices 

Jihea lives in London and shares content around low impact, slow fashion and mindful living. Follow the Eco Life Choices page for inspiration on eco living in London, with tips on household products, great fashion retailers and where to find the perfect oat latte in London on a Sunday morning.

top eco influencers
Pic: Eco Life Choices

Two Green Mamas 

This fabulous Instagram page is run by two vegan, breastfeeding demigirl mamas from Brighton. Two Green Mamas is packed with colourful inspiration on raising babies in a more eco-friendly, sustainable way. with tips on cloth nappies, breast feeding and raising children in a vegan family.

Zero Waste Doc 

Natalie Davis is a London based doctor with a keen interest in social justice, ethical living and climate change. Her blog and Instagram page discuss reducing plastic use, simple swaps to be more sustainable, alongside discussion of reducing emissions, tackling the demand for food banks and more.

zero waste blogger
pic: zero waste dog

Saving the Grace 

Emily Broughton created this personal blog focusing on sustainable living, with a particular interest in preserving water, preloved shopping and sustainable travel – Emily is also the founder of a sustainable tour company offering insights on eco-friendly restaurants and attractions. Check Emily out on Instagram, too.


If you’re looking for eco inspiration for your young family, then we recommend following teamworrall. Jo is a blogger with three young boys, and a keen eye for eco-friendly toys, clothes and activities. From wooden toys and eco STEM activities to pagan issues and more sustainable period products, the site is packed with great advice. The family are on Instagram, too.

Gyspy Soul

Gina Caro is a blogger at gyspysoul.co.uk, where she shares tips on creating a more beautiful and sustainable life. The blog (and supporting Instagram channel) covers topics including sustainable interiors, creating a zero waste kitchen, and generally living a more simple and minimalist life.

UK eco ethical influencers
Pic: Gypsy Soul


Ali Clifford is the creator of the Incredibusy blog and social channels. This ethical blog focuses on eco and sustainable living, with practical tips for busy families. Ali also has over 25k followers on her Instagram page, and is the founder of @sogoodineveryway, an Instagram community page that celebrates good news!


Jen Gale is the creator of Sustainableish, a guide to sustainable living for the rest of us. As a writer, speaker and podcaster, Jen is all about providing practical inspiration. She recently launched a six-week online course for the “eco anxious” with guided online support through the changes required to become more sustainable.


We know there are lots of ethical influencers in our community and beyond – if you’re an ethical blogger or influencer, then please do let us know in the comments! Need help connecting with influencers or creating influencer projects? Find out more about how we work with brands

Sally is a journalist and editor based in Lytham, Lancashire. When she isn't blogging at Who's the Mummy, she is generally spending time with her 10-year-old daughter, Flea, or her abominably behaved puppy, Teddy.

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  1. This is a great list and although I follow lots of these already there are some new ones for me! My blog PinksCharming.com is an ethical and sustainable lifestyle blog, covering green beauty, eco-friendly family lifestyle, ethical fashion and interiors. x

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